Legal advice and drafting of all types of contracts

Legal assistance in negotiations when closing business deals

Legal advice and representation in proceedings related to compensation for damage

Representation in various legal obligations before the competent courts

Representation in enforcement proceedings

Representation in consumer proceedings

Representation in public procurement proceedings

Legal counseling and representation in probate proceedings

Legal counseling and drafting of testaments and disposition of property during lifetime

Legal advice and drafting of inheritance-legal contracts, life maintenance contracts, contracts for support until death, deeds of gifts

Legal advice, preparation and drafting of documents in the company establishment process

Drawing up trade agreements

Legal advice in concluding legal transactions

Representation in negotiations when concluding legal transactions

Legal advice and implementation of all changes with reference to company’s articles of association or organisation

Legal advice and overall support in the establishment of branches, mergers, consolidations, division, changes of the company’s legal form and unbundling of a company

Legal advice on the ownership and management rights of all members of the company

Legal advice to the company, management, supervisory board and members of the company on their civil and criminal liability

Legal advice and implementation of liquidation

Representation in disputes before the competent authorities

Legal due diligence of companies

Representation of foreign citizens in gaining their personal and family rights (foreigner’s right to marriage, adoption and guardianship, divorce with foreign element, etc.)

Representation of foreign citizens in gaining their inheritance rights and in the acquisition of property rights

Representation of foreign nationals in proceedings for recognition of foreign court decisions and in proceedings for the execution of a European enforcement order in the Republic of Croatia

Protection of the interests of children’s rights in divorce proceedings or in the event of cohabitation dissolution

Maintenance procedures

Legal counseling and representation in marital disputes

Drawing up marriage and prenuptial agreements

Drawing up contracts / agreements on the division of marital property

Legal advice on real estate, property management, dissolution of co-ownership

Property inquiry for a real estate buyer

Registration of real rights in land registers

Transfer of ownership

Representation in property disputes

Legal advice on starting liquidation proceedings

Preparation of proposals for initiating liquidation proceedings

Drawing up and filing of claims in liquidation proceedings

Representation in liquidation proceedings and creditors’ committees

Legal counseling and representation in pre-bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings

Conduction of liquidation proceedings

Legal advice and representation in matters related to maritime domain, seaports and concessions on maritime domain

Legal representation in maritime proceedings relating to compensation for damage

Legal advice and representation relating to maritime insurance and maritime contracts

Representation in proceedings before courts and other competent bodies